Thomas Allingham of Glencar (1798-1883)

Thomas Allingham (c1798-1883) was a farmer in Sracreeghan, Killasnet Parish, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. This part of the parish was called Glencar or Glenlough.

This post on Thomas Allingham has been updated in 2016 at Thomas Allingham of Glencar, Killasnet Parish, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

I would like to hear from anyone who might have information on (or an interest in) any of these Allinghams.


15 thoughts on “Thomas Allingham of Glencar (1798-1883)

  1. I have a Mary Anne Allingham marrying my gg grandfather John Taylor sometime over the summer of 1886, registering in Ennskillen. The genealogy posted showed Maryanne dying in 1871 at the age of eleven. I think this is an error. They had one child named Irwin James. She was alive in 1911 for the census. Can anyone confirm a death date?

    Daniel Taylor, Livonia, Michigan

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for commenting here. Probably a good idea to get your query out there in a number of places; you never know which one will get in front of the right eyes.

      Two other suggestions: Rootsweb has a Allingham-L list and Allingham message board. Might be worth a try if you haven’t used them.


  2. I have Alice Allingham marrying William Templeton in Benbo about 1825, and I have Isabel Sibbery marrying Richard Templeton about 1835. Have you found ANY records for this area prior to 1835 or so? It seems hopeless.

    1. Hi Ross,

      I have not found any records that even come close to 1835. Most of the dates I have before them are information from, or guesses based on, later records. I suspect the families you are working on in this area and the ones I am working on may be related somehow but I am far from confident that either of us will stumble across a record that confirms it.

      Also I was wondering about the website info you left. I have a link to on my Irish Surnames page ( but you have left the site with a .com. The .com gives me a 404 error. I can correct your link on my end unless you wanted the .com for some reason.

      1. Right! It is .org – I should have copied and pasted rather than guessing. I’m very interested in researching the Plantation of Leitrim in the late 1500’s when I believe many of our lines emigrated from Scotland. Family lore says that our Templetons came from Ayr and were staunchly Protestant, which would fit the profile of the Scottish planters of that era.

      2. It is fixed. I copy and paste when ever I can as I tend to be a sloppy (and lazy) typist. My Allinghams were seemed to be Church of Ireland then.


  3. I also have the Allingham surname in my tree. My ggrandmother was Mary McBrien dob 1874. Parents being John McBrien and Eliza Allingham. I have also researched my other lines but have found the Irish genealogy the most difficult by far…

    1. Welcome, cousin. If my counting is correct we are something like 4th cousins. I agree that Irish lines are the hardest. I’ve not made much progress on the Irish end of things beyond what was in this post but I have filled out some more details on Ruth Allingham’s family in the US. I am aware of Canadian line thru Elizabeth Allingham and John McBrien.

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